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L’IdéeCom thus shows its willingness to offer its services to international companies addressing the French market and to local enterprises and communities targetting international customers.

L’IdéeCom develops modern communication tools adapted to changing behaviours and is challenging preconceived ideas about the complexity and costs of implementing an effective digital strategy.

The majority of Internet users today use their mobiles to search for a product or a service. A website ill-suited for mobile usage causes these visitors to leave, with the consequence of reducing or even completely disappearing the results expected by the presence on the web.

The institutional and e-commerce websites published by L’IdéeCom are Mobile First. They are designed from the outset for mobile use. L’IdéeCom does not just use responsive editing tools, it integrates the mobility and its own visual and navigational constraints at all stages of the design of high-performance sites.

L’IdéeCom aims to effectively guide enterprises and communities looking for their own identity, and marketing tools designed from the outset for mobile usage in all their communication projects. L’IdéeCom supports them in their entire identity process, from designing a brand image to studying the impact of SEO, including publishing websites and creating personalized media.

Customers of L'IdéeCom

L’IdéeCom is committed to devoting 1% of its turnover to local sponsorship, as part of social, cultural and environmental actions.

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