Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of L’IdéeCom, your communication and digital marketing agency. You should find the answer to your questions here. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us directly at .

L’IdéeCom develops modern communication tools adapted to changing behaviours and is challenging preconceived ideas about the complexity and costs of implementing an effective digital strategy.


Who are you ?

Elodie et Frédéric de L'IdéeCom, votre agence marketing

The communication and digital marketing company L’IdéeCom is managed by Elodie and Frédéric Esbert, who share their expertise around a common project.

  • For more than ten years, Elodie has revealed her artistic talent in photo shooting and post-processing () and complemented it with a graphic designer training and a professional certification in WordPress website development.
  • Frédéric has developed an expertise in sales and marketing methods and tools throughout his career.

These cumulative experiences give L’IdéeCom a real differentiated offering in communication and digital marketing services to enterprises (micro-businesses, SMEs, shops and tourism activities), local authorities and associations.

Quels sont les métiers de L’IdéeCom ?

L’IdéeCom aims to effectively guide enterprises and communities looking for their own identity, and marketing tools designed from the outset for mobile usage in all their communication projects.

We will support you in your entire identity process, from designing your brand image to publishing your website and your personalized media.

Icône graphisme

Visual identity

Reveal your identity in all your communication media, print and digital.

Website & blog

Your website, blog or e-store project designed from the outset for mobile use.

Digital marketing

A range of modern digital solutions well suited to your identity and to changing behavior.

Who are your services for?

We address businesses and communities. Our service offering is particularly suited to the needs:

  • VSEs / SMEs looking for a visual identity and institutional communication,
  • local shops wishing to develop online store or "click & collect" solutions,
  • local tourism players wishing to offer their services online and facilitate reservations,
  • local authorities and associations who want to highlight their activities & heritage and to dynamically inform their members.
Cibles clients de L'IdéeCom

What services do you offer?

We offer to support you in all your communication projects by providing the following services :

Visual identity

L’IdéeCom participates with passion in the design of your brand image and applies it to all of your communication media , print and digital.

PencilCreated with Sketch.

Conception and design of the logo and the graphic charter and provision of a reference document integrating the typography, the chromatic charter and the logo in its various formats.

CameraCreated with Sketch.

Photo and video shooting and post-production of portraits, groups and scenarios.

Document-checklistCreated with Sketch.

Conception and design of paper documents, business cards, flyers, brochures and catalogs as well as models of letters, envelopes, etc… and supply of high resolution files for printing.

Websites, blogs and online stores

L’IdéeCom ensures the creation and design of websites, blogs and online stores in an interactive approach and with an agile project management.

TimerCreated with Sketch.

Optimization of sites with cache and media management for a better performance and production suitable for mobile usage from the design stage.

Color-paletteCreated with Sketch.

Development and integration of content and management of the tree structure, compatibility with all browsers and all types of use, personalized themes, adapted forms and extensions.

Database-checkedCreated with Sketch.

Selection of domain names, search for availability and registration.

CogCreated with Sketch.

Choix de l’hébergeur, installation et configuration du site, opérations de maintenance (sauvegardes et upgrades).

NetworkCreated with Sketch.

Implementation of tools and editing rules responding to search algorithms for natural referencing. Indexing and implementation of measures and statistics and improvement procedures.

Digital marketing

After a methodical analysis of the existing, L’IdéeCom helps you set up your inbound and outbound marketing strategy.

ConversationCreated with Sketch.

Management of social networks, implementation of an editorial schedule, writing and formatting of the content.

Mail-checkedCreated with Sketch.

Retention strategy, organization of marketing campaigns and automation.

NewspaperCreated with Sketch.

Acquisition strategy, layout of news blogs, lead generation tools and personalized content.

Why call on IdéeCom ?

We challenge you to ask yourself if what you do, what you buy, and who you buy from, is going to get you where you really need to be to stay competitive.

Define your priorities

  • Loyalty
  • Acquisition

Achieve your goals

  • Notoriety
  • Growth

Optimize your operations

  • Cost containment
  • On-time

Not only do we develop modern communication tools adapted to changing behaviour, but we allow you to challenge preconceived ideas about the complexity and costs of implementing an effective digital strategy.

Failure to adapt a website for mobile use results in the absence of mobile visitors, who represent the majority of users today, and therefore the decrease if not the total disappearance of expected results. The websites published by L’IdéeCom are Mobile First.

They are designed from the outset for mobile use. We don't just use responsive editing tools. We integrate the mobility and its own visual and navigation constraints at all stages of the design of high-performance sites.

Do you have a social responsibility policy?

L’IdéeCom is committed to devoting 1% of its turnover to local sponsorship, as part of social, cultural and environmental actions.

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Where are you based ?

Localisation des établissements de L'IdéeCom sur la carte de France

The head office of L’IdéeCom is located in the Cher, near Bourges. The development sites of L’IdéeCom are located at the head office and in Paris area.

L’IdéeCom also uses the hosting services of the company , located in Clermont-Ferrand.

How to contact us ?

  • Via email :