Les Artisans de la Communication

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Communication Craftsmen

At L'IdéeCom, we are not just professionals, we want to be recognized as artisans who carve your brand image with passion and dedication!
At L’IdéeCom, we don’t just communicate.
We engrave your story!

Visual identity

Reveal your identity in all your communication media, print and digital.


Your website, blog or e-store project designed from the outset for mobile use.

Digital marketing

A range of modern digital solutions well suited to your identity and to changing behavior.

Pack numérique Apple avec logo de l'IdéeCom, votre agence marketing

Logos and graphic charter


in your image

Your brand image is hard to recognize, you are suffering from a low number of visits to your website, it is difficult to attract new prospects and to grow your business.

Do you feel concerned ?

In our workshop, we shape your visual identity. Each logo we create is unique, each shot is carefully chosen to capture the essence of your business. We design your business cards with care and layout your brochures with artisanal attention to detail.

Appareil Photo Canon EOS

Photo and Video

Elodie de L'IdéeCom, votre agence marketing

Photo and Video

PencilCreated with Sketch.

Creation & design of the logo and the graphic charter

CameraCreated with Sketch.

Photo & video shooting and post-production

Document-checklistCreated with Sketch.

Creation & design of printed documents

Catalog "Print"

Femme dans la rue tenant un smartphone dans les mains

Your "Mobile First" website project

Most of internet users use their smartphone or tablet to search for a product or service. A website that is ill-suited to mobile use causes these visitors to leave, with as a consequence the decrease if not the total disappearance of the results expected by the presence on the web.

The websites published by L’IdéeCom are designed from the outset for mobile use !

Trained in web design, we create showcase sites, blogs and online stores as unique pieces. We choose each element with precision, offering the best user experience. Our sites are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional, optimized for search engines and suitable for all screens.

Processus de développement de site internet
Graphique H de process de développement de L'IdéeCom, votre agence marketing
TimerCreated with Sketch.

Fast page loading

Document-addCreated with Sketch.

Content development and integration

Database-checkedCreated with Sketch.

Domain names, hosting, SEO

NetworkCreated with Sketch.

Compatibility with all browsers and all types of usage

Color-paletteCreated with Sketch.

Custom themes, adapted forms and extensions

CogCreated with Sketch.

Indexing and maintenance operations

A modern and efficient marketing

We have acquired a recognized expertise in marketing strategy, and we shape your communications plan in detail to meet your unique needs.

We weave your social media campaigns with creativity, we sculpt personalized content and we develop effective acquisition and retention strategies..

At L’IdéeCom, we don’t just communicate…

Latest clip: “5 minutes to understand”

Play Video about L'intelligence artificielle dans le marketing et la communication
Femme joyeuse assise avec IMAC sur les genoux

5 minutes to understand

Play Video about L'intelligence artificielle dans le marketing et la communication
NewspaperCreated with Sketch.

Mockup of blogs and articles

ConversationCreated with Sketch.

Social media management

Mail-checkedCreated with Sketch.

Organization of marketing campaigns

Our expertise

Graphic design, photo & video shooting and post-production

Development of websites, blogs and on-line stores

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Latest creation

Latest edition of "Le petit journal du Herrisson", news newspaper from the village of Herry (18)

The agency

Founded in 2020 in the Center Val-de-Loire region in France by Elodie and Frédéric, L’IdéeCom boasts a recognized experience of more than twenty years in marketing and communication.

Not only do we develop modern communication tools adapted to changing behaviour, but we allow you to challenge preconceived ideas about the complexity and costs of implementing an effective digital strategy.

L’IdéeCom aims to effectively guide enterprises and communities looking for their own identity, and marketing tools designed from the outset for mobile usage in all their communication projects.

We will support you in your entire identity process, from designing your brand image to publishing your website and your personalized media.

L’IdéeCom is committed to devoting 1% of its turnover to local sponsorship, as part of social, cultural and environmental actions.

Logo WordPress blanc

WordPress certified

Icône graphisme blanc

Graphic design and image processing

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